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Capt. Robert Nairac Connection




St. Mary De Lode Church, Gloucester


This window was installed by the Gloucestershire Branch of The Royal Society of St. George in honour of Captain Robert Nairac, G.C., and to commemorate The Royal Society of St. George.  It was dedicated on May 6th 2000 by The Right Reverend Michael Mann.


Captain Nairac, a Gloucestershire born Grenadier Guards officer, whose father was a noted eye surgeon, was attached to 14 Int., the undercover intelligence unit of the Army in Northern Ireland.  He was never a member of the S.A.S., as is often alleged.


On 14th May 1977, after an evening at the Three Steps Inn, Drumintee, Co. Armagh, he got into his car to leave and was attacked by nine members of the local I.R.A. unit.  After a fierce fight, he was knocked unconscious and taken over the nearby border with the Irish Republic to a house.   When he recovered, he grabbed his guard's pistol.  As back up rushed into the room, he fired the gun three times, and three times is misfired.  He was again overpowered and taken some distance to a bridge, where he was brutally tortured for several hours.  He asked for a priest when he knew his end was near and, as a final humiliation, one of the gang pretended to be a priest in the hope of obtaining information.  He was then killed by a bullet to the head and one to the body.  His body was never found.


He was 29 years of age.


His captors were later arrested, and one of them said "He never told us anything - he was a great soldier".


In February 1978, two months after his murderers were jailed, the George Cross, second only to the Victoria Cross, was awarded posthumously to Captain Nairac.


The Nairac Youth Awards were instituted by the Gloucestershire Branch a year later and through this good relations were established with the Grenadier Guards, a connection of which the Branch is very proud.


The Royal Society of St. George, founded in 1894, is England's premier patriotic society and Gloucestershire is its most active branch.  St. Mary de Lode Church and Gloucestershire Branch have long enjoyed mutual support.  In 2000 the Church was being refurbished and it was decided to offer a window to honour an English hero and a great Society, and to help with the improvements.  It was designed by the then chairman, Mr. Brian Kemp, and made and installed by Bristol Glass.



Brian Kemp (now deceased), former Chairman

of the Branch at the window.


Top Left is the blazon of arms

of The Royal Society of St George


Top Right is St George and the Dragon


Bottom Left is the George Cross


Bottom Right is the grenade of

The Grenadier Guards




Image of Capt. Robert Nairac and the Youth Awards at Gloucester Cathedral